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“The Wireless Pioneeer. Guglielmo Marconi 1874-1937”

On Monday 16 April the Italian Cultural Institute in Lisbon, with the support of the Emilia Romagna Region and the Fondazione Guglielmo Marconi, will host the screening of Enza Negroni‘s documentary entitled “The Wireless Pioneer. Guglielmo Marconi 1874-1937.” The event will mark the First Italian Research Day in the World, which is meant to recognize the work of Italian researchers abroad and make their achievements known, while securing they  their ties with Italy stay strong.
Author and narrator, Giorgio Comaschi, takes viewers on a journey across the most important moments and places in Guglielmo Marconi’s life, showcasing his inventions. By combining drama, filming techniques and journalistic chronicles, the docufilm entrusts future generations with the human and scientific story of the Italian Nobel Prize laureate for Physics.
The documentary forms part of the programme developed by the Emilia Romagna Region to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the awarding of the Nobel Prize for Physics to Gugliemo Marconi. The programme also includes the exhibition entitled: “Guglielmo Marconi: the Pioneer of Radio Communication – Nobel Laureate for Physics, 1909”, which will open concomitantly with the screening.
The exhibition comprises bilingual panels in Italian and Portuguese. It is a journey across the life and achievements of the great scientist Guglielmo Marconi, whose inventions and the ensuing developments with them still today represent a powerful tool for the whole of mankind. The Portuguese version of the exhibition will include panels related to the arrival of Gugliemo Marconi on the island of Faial on 18 July 1922, to receive the title of honorary citizen of the city of Horta.