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Austria – Pallavicini presents “Atomic Dandy” (“Atomico Dandy”) in Vienna

“Hartliebs Bucher” bookshop in Vienna will be the venue for a presentation by Piersandro Pallavicini of his book “Atomic Dandy” on Friday, 15 September. The Italian Cultural Institute of Vienna will co-organise the event.  Born in Vigevano in 1962, Pallavicino lectures at the University of Pavia. He is also an inorganic nano chemistry researcher, and started publishing short stories in magazines in the 1990s. His debut novel was “Il mostro di Vigevano” (1999), followed by “Madre nostra che sarai nei cieli” (2002), “Atomic Dandy” (“Atomico Dandy”) (2005), and “African Inferno” (2009). Pallavicini looks at the issue of immigration from Africa to Italy in “African Inferno”, setting the novel in Pavia, in provincial Italy. “Atomic Dandy“ is about a chemist who is a University lecturer and heads up a big group that is very well-funded by the computer-industry. The group is on the verge of a discovery that will change the world: a super-fast computer that does not operate with silicon chips, but molecules. Married, rich, obsessively dandy and with a penchant for threesomes with his wife and young African men, Professor Nuvolani is left-leaning, fortyish, intelligent and unscrupulous. However, his life will take an unexpected turn.

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