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Minister Antonio Tajani meets with Greek counterpart Nikos Dendias

Incontro del Ministro Antonio Tajani con l’omologo greco Nikos Dendias
Incontro del Ministro Antonio Tajani con l’omologo greco Nikos Dendias

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Mr Antonio Tajani, received the Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Nikos Dendias, at the Farnesina today. At the joint press conference, Minister Tajani defined the meeting “not only formally cordial, but also extremely positive from a political standpoint. We have further consolidated a friendship that was already solid, as well as economic cooperation in a number of sectors”, in which the two countries are positively engaged.
“Mr Dendias and I agree on the major issues, on the need to work together for peace, for the stability of the Mediterranean area and on the need to work together, at EU level, to address the issue of illegal immigration. Italy and Greece suffer huge migration pressure”, the Minister pointed out, calling once again for European solidarity and European solutions aimed at governing the migratory flows that follow the Mediterranean and Balkan routes. “The goals we share have emerged over the past weeks and the stance Italy has taken is by no means aimed at sparking controversy, with any EU country. We are calling for, and I think Greece is joining us in this regard, a strong European action in the short, medium and long run. With a specific focus on Africa”.

Minister Tajani stressed the “relaxed atmosphere” he felt at the meeting he attended two days ago in Brussels with his European colleagues: “I noticed that all EU countries were very receptive; we all want to find a positive solution”.

As for stability in the Mediterranean area, Minister Tajani said that “a stronger presence of the EU is crucial”. Such a path, in his opinion, requires “an even greater cooperation with North African countries, finding solutions to defeat terrorism and to ensure stability in the Middle East and in the Balkans”.

Regarding the tragic events that occurred in Poland yesterday, Minister Tajani said that the Farnesina is carefully following how the situation is evolving. Finally, the Minister reasserted his commitment in favour of a de-escalation of the war in Ukraine, the ultimate goal being that of peace based on justice, which cannot disregard Ukraine’s independence and respect of international law.

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