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Press release detail

Margherita Boniver, Minister Terzi’s Special Envoy for humanitarian emergencies, is preparing to leave for a 4-day mission to Lebanon and Jordan. In Beirut, she will be meeting members of the Lebanese government and representatives of Lebanese and international humanitarian agencies. She will also be visiting regions in northern Lebanon with a large presence of Syrian refugees. In Jordan, the Hon. Boniver will again be meeting representatives of the government and of the major international organisations and will visit 3 refugee camps.

The Hon. Boniver will express, in Minister Terzi’s name, Italy’s support and friendship for the Lebanese and Jordanian governments. Their countries are experiencing major and possibly destabilising repercussions from the Syrian crisis, not least from the large numbers of refugees arriving from Syria.

In the recent past, Italy has provided help and supplies to both governments, both bilaterally and through funding to the UN agencies implementing refugee reception projects. Worthy of mention is the field hospital donated to Jordan, located at the border with Syria inside the Zaatari refugee camp. The hospital treats, on average, over 130 patients each day. During her visit to Amman, the Hon. Boniver will donate medicines for the treatment of children, a generator and other material to help the hospital.

Margherita Boniver’s mission can be set against the background of Italy’s excellent relations with the two countries. In the recent past they have received high level visits from the President of the Republic, Napolitano (Amman, 13 April 2012), Prime Minister Monti (Beirut, 7 April) and Foreign Minister Giulio Terzi (Beirut, 27 June). Italy is committed to taking forward the political dialogue with Amman and Beirut, not just to further develop bilateral relations and strengthen their partnership with the EU, but also to promote the stabilisation of the region.

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