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Deputy Minister Dassù visits Dubrovnik

Deputy Minister Dassù attended a meeting in Dubrovnik today with the foreign ministers of Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece and Montenegro. Discussions focused on the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) e Ionian Adriatic Pipeline (IAP).

Reiterating Italy’s interest in opening a Southern Gas Corridor through the TAP project, Deputy Minister Dassù described the project as “an important means of strengthening national and European energy security. The TAP plays a role in diversifying energy supply for south-eastern Europe and the Balkans. In this respect, Italy is ready to act as an energy hub for the entire region”.

The foreign ministers also underscored the TAP/IAP projects’ role as vital drivers in the development of energy infrastructure in the Balkans and in revitalising markets in the countries involved. The meeting in Dubrovnik confirms Italy’s commitment in drawing up an energy security strategy based on diversification of sources of supply.

In the margins of the meeting, Deputy Minister Dassù spoke to the Croatian Foreign Minister, Vesna Pusic. She confirmed that the Head of State and Minister Bonino would be attending the celebrations taking place in Zagreb on 30 June 2013 to mark Croatia’s entry to the European Union. Dassù reminded the Croatian Minister that Italy was the first of the EU’s founding members to ratify Croatia’s Access Treaty. The conversation was also an opportunity to address a number of bilateral questions, including the forthcoming business forum and Committee of Ministers.

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