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Italy–Congo: Minister Bonino summons Ambassador Tshiseleka Felha

Foreign Minister Emma Bonino has summoned the Ambassador of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Albert Tshiseleka Felha, to the Farnesina to express the Italian Government’s concern over the fact that verbal agreements reached in November between the Congolese authorities and Minister Kyenge have not been respected and over a situation that remains “extremely worrying”.

As regards the Italian families stillwaiting for authorisation to leave the Democratic Republic of the Congo with the children they have adopted, the Italian Ambassador in Kinshasa was summoned today to the Congolese Home Affairs Ministry. So too were the Ambassadors of the United States, France, Belgium, Canada and the United Kingdom. The Home Affairs Minister reiterated the Congolese authorities’ intention to suspend the adoption procedures in implementation of a decision taken on 25 September. On the question of the renewal of the Italian couples’ visas, the Minister added that some have already been extended and the others will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

This notwithstanding, the Italian Government and Minister Kyenge are continuing in their determined efforts. Along with the Italian Ambassador in Kinshasa, they will continue to exert pressure on the authorities in the Congolese capital to enable the Italian families to return to Italy as soon as possible with the children they have adopted.

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