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Marò: Bonino thanks Kathy Ashton for “much appreciated” statements

“I very much appreciated the statements by Kathy Ashton — whom I thank — in support of the strong conviction that our navy marines must not be tried on the basis of the Indian anti-terrorism law”. Minister Bonino commented on the stance recently expressed by the EU High Representative for Foreign Policy.

“This is a major acknowledgement”, the minister continued, “of the fact that India’s application of that law would wound the dignity of our servicemen and of the Italian State, and of its negative consequences on international peace and security and counter-piracy efforts”.

“High Representative Ashton’s commitment to bringing our cause to the attention of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon encourages us in our efforts to bring our rights to bear, and to bring Salvatore Latorre and Massimiliano Girone back to Italy as soon as possible, to whom I wish to extend my warmest solidarity along with their families”, the minister concluded.

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