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Marines: Indian Supreme Court grants extension of Massimiliano Latorre’s stay in Italy

The Indian Supreme Court today granted a 6-month extension – to mid-January 2016 – of the period of time that Marine Massimiliano Latorre can remain in Italy. The decision was made without opposition from the Government in New Delhi. The Court postponed until 26 August its decision on our request to suspend the domestic judicial proceedings for the entire period of the arbitration procedure opened by Italy on 26 June under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.

The Indian government’s decision to take part in the international arbitration was announced today by its representative. Taken with the extension of Latorre’s stay in Italy by 6 months (less than we had requested), this decision confirms the consolidation of the arbitration process undertaken by Italy.

Italy is preparing to put in place all necessary measures to enable Salvatore Girone, the other marine involved in the case and who is still in India, to return to Italy.