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Further details on the Decree of the Italian PM of March 8, 2020

Further details on the Decree of the Italian Prime Minister of March 8, 2020


Restrictions put into effect today do not affect those who must travel for well grounded work-related reasons, unless they are subject to quarantine measures or tested positive for COVID-19. Cross-border workers may enter and exit their area of residence to reach their workplace and go back to their home. Cross-border workers may provide evidence of their reason for entering and exiting their area of residence by any means, including a personal statement to be given to the police, when asked to do so.


Goods may enter and exit the areas mentioned in today’s decree. Transporting goods is considered as a well-grounded work-related reason for moving: carriers may therefore enter and exit as well as move within the affected areas, but only for delivery and/or collection purposes.

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