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Cooperation – Vice Minister Sereni: local authorities and associations for sustainable development

“There is an Italy that cooperates” said Vice Foreign Minister Marina Sereni In Prato at the inauguration of the #InsiemepergliSDG campaign: “numerous bodies and associations and many young people, girls and boys who actively contribute to a system, a system of cooperation, that succeeds in attaining extraordinary results; we must make these Italian cooperation efforts known”. Promoted by MAECI (the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation) and other partners, the campaign is to increase public awareness of the SDGs (the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals) and the work of Cooperazione Italiana and its partners.

“This campaign” explained Vice Minister Sereni “is important as part of a broader communication strategy of MAECI to bring into Italian homes, with the involvement of local authorities, the major themes of cooperation in order to reach the goal set by Agenda 2030 of the United Nations. That is why it is especially important to develop collaborations and partnerships not only with the local authorities, but also with universities, cultural bodies, and civil society organisations, each one of which is a key actor in our cooperative work on development”.

“Taking action in favour of the UN Agenda 2030 and its objectives” Vice Minister Sereni continued “is all the more important today in the light of Covid-19, whose impact has increased inequalities, especially in some regions of the world, and is making it more difficult to pursue the SDGs. It has highlighted in particular the difficult condition of so many children and that is why collaboration with Save The Children is very important: to involve young people and build with them a better, more equitable and sustainable world. And it is also important” she concluded “that we are doing this in collaboration with a place like Prato, which has always been one of the most multi-ethnic places in Italy and from where, thanks also to the participation of the various diasporas, a valuable contribution can also come”. 

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