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Message from Undersecretary Della Vedova to fellow Italians abroad

I would like to send my best wishes to all fellow Italians abroad to mark Republic Day.

Seventy-six years ago Italians chose the Republic in an institutional referendum to start a new chapter in our history after the horrors of the world war and the liberation from Nazism and Fascism.
The brutal, unjustifiable attack by Russia on Ukraine, with the humanitarian catastrophe that it has generated, takes us back to the darkest pages of European history.
As also noted by our President Mattarella, at times like this it becomes even more urgent to renew the feeling of unity around the values of freedom and justice that form the basis of our democratic institutions, our society and the actions of Italy on the European and international scene.
The community of Italians abroad hold these values, and promote the culture, language and identity that is at the heart of the soft power for which our country is recognised.
I send my best wishes to our fellow Italians all over the world today.
Happy Republic Day, in the hope that this 2 June gives the opportunity to strengthen awareness of the link between our communities and our country.

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