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Afghanistan: Nangarhar: an Italian oil mill has been delivered ​

Oil production has started at the Nangarhar Valley Agriculture Corporation in Jalalabad, which since August 26 has an oil mill donated by Italian Cooperation. Besides the assembly and testing of the equipment that was transported to Afghanistan by the Italian Ministry of Defense, the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation has provided training sessions for the Afghan personnel.
Now the first phase of production has begun in which the olives have not yet reached full maturity. The mill is processing about 700 kg of olives per hour with an oil yield of 8%. But once the olives are fully ripe, a maximum of 1,000 kg of olives can be pressed per hour with a yield of about 10%, which is considered excellent for this province.
The project aim at improving the olive sector, in particular the production of olive oil in the province of Nangarhar, where there are 1,500 hectares of olive groves, most of which needs to be improved.

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