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Solo exhibition of the work of Giordano Martone in Marseille

Mostra personale di Giordano Martone a Marsiglia

The Italian Cultural Institute in Marseille organized a solo exhibition of the work of Giordano Martone entitled “La ricerca della ricerca” (“The Search of Research”) which opened in the premises of the Institute last 7th of April at the attendance of the artist. The exhibition will run until the 7th of May.

The works exhibited are the expression of the creative process of Giordano Martone between 1981 and 2021 and are subdivided into several sections: The Fabric of the Sea – Musical Instruments – Landscapes – Unfolding – Hangers – The Beauty of Women – Give me a Hammer – During the Corona virus. 

Giordano Martone (who signs his work Giordano) was born and lives in Naples, where he has his studio (“Arte e Dintorni”). After graduating in chemistry, he began his artistic research as a self-taught artist when he was very young, grappling with different techniques. He composed several paintings mixing oil and watercolor as well as collages, sculptures, and installations. A chemist doubling as an artist in a continuous search of new materials, new color combinations, and figurative patterns that follow abstract images in an unrelenting and restless pursuit of new means of expression. A university researcher at the Naples University Federico II, he defines himself as a “painter-researcher”. The works displayed represent part of his activity over the last 40 years.

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