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The Week of Italian Cuisine in the World: Apulian Cuisine in the spotlight in Bosnia Herzegovina

Settimana della Cucina, quella pugliese protagonista in Bosnia-Erzegovina
Settimana della Cucina, quella pugliese protagonista in Bosnia-Erzegovina

The Apulia Region, with its culinary tradition, was the protagonist of the Week of Italian Cuisine in Bosnia Herzegovina, an initiative organised by the Italian Embassy in Sarajevo, in partnership with the Apulia Region and the Unione Cuochi Regione Puglia (UCRP). The latter participated in the event with a delegation of four chefs led by President Salvatore Turturo.

During the many events organised by Italy’s Diplomatic Mission, jointly with the ICE Agency, the flavours, colours, and aromas of Apulian cuisine were presented to the Bosnian-Herzegovinian public (a great lover of Italian lifestyle and culture). The most successful initiatives included Apulian cooking evenings at renowned restaurants in the country, as well as a large live cooking event at the Youth House in the centre of Sarajevo (organised in collaboration with the Bosnian-Herzegovinian chef Miran Karic), and a cooking class held by UCRP chefs at Sarajevo’s most prestigious hotel and catering Institute under the banner of food sustainability and the fight against waste.

There were also numerous collaborations with sector partners from Bosnia-Herzegovinia, in particular the Sarajevo-based association of food and wine enthusiasts “Balkantina”, which hosted UCRP chefs for a masterclass on fresh pasta. The programme of events also included a conference dedicated to the history of pasta, organized in collaboration with the Dante Alighieri Society of Sarajevo. Stefano D’Atri, President of the Centro Interuniversitario di Studi sulle Paste Alimentari (CISPA) traced the origins of pasta and its evolution and transformation throughout Italy’s history.

Lastly, there was a significant collaboration between the ICE Agency and the country’s main distribution chain, “Mercator”’, enabling the promotion and enhancement of Italian products in the local market. The various events were attended by politicians, representatives from the world of culture and academia, the economy, the international community, as well as representatives of the Italian community in the country.

“I am particularly grateful to the Apulia Region and the Unione Cuochi Regione Puglia (UCRP) for this splendid adventure, which enabled us to fully express the thematic leitmotiv of this year’s event in Bosnia and Herzegovina: conviviality, sustainability and innovation,” said the Italian Ambassador, Marco Di Ruzza. “We have shown – he added – that it is possible to create a cuisine of the highest level, which is at the same time economically and environmentally sustainable, as well as valuable for our physical and mental health, which combines tradition and innovation with creativity and intelligence.”


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