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Tunisia: Week of Italian Cuisine dedicated to the Mediterranean

Tunisia, Settimana della Cucina all’insegna del Mediterraneo
Tunisia, Settimana della Cucina all’insegna del Mediterraneo

Full calendar of initiatives in Tunisia on the occasion of the 7th Week of Italian Cuisine in the World.

At the Residence of the Italian Ambassador in Tunis, Fabrizio Saggio, Michelin-starred chef Domenico Iavarone held two tastings and a cooking show on “tradition and innovation in Italian cuisine”. Moreover, to end the Week, a technical seminar titled: “Mediterranean Cuisine, a bridge between Tunisia and Italy: complementarity, organic foods and nutritional benefits for a good diet” was dedicated to comparing organic farming and production in Italy and Tunisia. For the occasion, a cooking show by Executive Chef Alessandro Fontanesi was organized, as well as a tasting of organic products, where organic food excellences of AssoBio members were presented in Tunisia for the first time.

Ambassador Saggio said: “Rome and Tunis are united by a thousand-year-old history, by the Mediterranean and common traditions which also pass through the culture of cuisine, tastes, fragrances and sitting around the table. The protection and regeneration of our territories require sustainable production methods and processes, with interventions that Italy and Tunisia are already carrying out as part of many programmes by the Italian Cooperation and the support to school canteens through the World Food Programme (WFP). The Italian contribution to Tunisia’s ecological transition will continue also as part of the new Development Cooperation Agreement signed between the two countries for the three-year period 2021-2023.”