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Three conferences on Etruscan civilization in Haifa

Etruscan Tombs of Cerveteri
Etruscan Tombs of Cerveteri

The Italian Cultural Institute in Haifa organized three conferences on the presence of Etruscan civilization in Italy. The initiative presents the rise, development and disappearance of this ancient civilization.

By studying archaeological objects, ancient texts, funerary paintings and many works of art it will be possible to get to know the Etruscans, how their particular culture was developed and how they influenced other civilizations, including the Italian Renaissance art. The three meetings – “Who are the Etruscans”, “Death and life” and “Where have the Etruscans gone” – are scheduled for the month of December.

The conferences will be held both in person and online, in Hebrew. The speaker is Hamutal Suliman-Wolf, an expert in Etruscan, Greek and Near Eastern art. She has worked on Italian-Etruscan culture and its many influences. Among others, she worked with the Israel Museum on the preparation of an exhibition of Greek and Etruscan pottery from local collections.

For more information, please visit the website of the Italian Cultural Institute in Haifa.

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