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Kazakhstan, Imagine a sustainable world exhibition inaugurated

The exhibition Imagine a sustainable world has been opened in Astana in front of two hundred guests. It was born from an initiative of the Italian Embassy and produced with the curatorial contribution of architect Dario Curatolo and the support of ICE – Italian Trade Agency. The exhibition brings to Central Asia the thought and work of Mario Cucinella and his studio, both pioneers in the field of sustainability in architecture and design.

“After the in-depth exhibition dedicated to Achille Castiglioni’s design,” said Ambassador Alberti, “we have decided to dedicate this initiative to sustainable architecture, which is an essential junction for building the future of the planet. It is a privilege to have worked with Mario Cucinella, one of the first in the world to understand the importance of combining architecture, design and sustainability. In their respective fields, diplomacy and architecture are expressions of the desire to build and rebuild. It is thus very significant that the exhibition is being held in Kazakhstan, symbolising our countries’ desire to build a more sustainable future together; it is important that it is being held in the Nur Alem Museum, which is dedicated to the energies of the future and hosted the Kazakh pavilion at Expo 2017; and it is evocative that it is opening today, one year after the beginning of the war in Ukraine, reaffirming culture as a tool for building peace, prosperity and development”.

Imagine a sustainable world is located in one of the most iconic places in the Kazakh capital and Central Asia as a whole. Tracing the “timeline” of sustainability, the exhibition recounts design and architecture as tools for rethinking space in a sustainable way, under the banner of a people-local area relationship based on regeneration, inclusion and innovation.

The exhibition, which will run until June, is a preparatory event for the 2023 edition of Italian Design Day, scheduled for 9 March and entitled La qualità che illumina. L’energia del design per le persone e per l’ambiente (Enlightening quality. The energy of design for people and environment); ideally, it links the exhibition with the themes on which the Rome Expo 2030 project is built within the programme proposed by the Italian Embassy in Kazakhstan.