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Abuja, “Colors of noble cultures” by Luigi Ballarin

Abuja, “Colors of noble cultures” di Luigi Ballarin
Abuja, “Colors of noble cultures” di Luigi Ballarin

An exhibition entitled “Colors of noble cultures” by Italian artist Luigi Ballarin was organised in Abuja by the Italian Embassy to Nigeria. The event, inaugurated by Italian Ambassador Stefano De Leo and attended by representatives of the diplomatic, institutional and cultural world of Abuja, represented an opportunity to support Rome’s candidacy for EXPO 2030.

The exhibition, curated by Beste Gürsu, featured 15 works including canvases with acrylic and enamel paint. The main subject of the works was the horse, used an iconic element of union between various cultures, in particular between Africa and Europe, with a specific contribution from Italy.

With his work, the Venetian artist Luigi Ballarin sought to undertake a journey from the north of Nigeria to the country’s capital, a journey marked by the harmony of the colours used, whose hues emphasise the author’s artistic message.

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