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Italian UNESCO World Heritage Sites on display in Tianjin

I siti italiani patrimonio Unesco in mostra a Tianjin
I siti italiani patrimonio Unesco in mostra a Tianjin

The Italian Cultural Institute of Beijing, with the support of the Italian Embassy in Beijing, and in collaboration with Tianjin People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, has organised the “UNESCO Italy. Photographs” exhibition, inaugurated today in Tianjin. The exhibition is on display in the underground station serving Tianjin Central Station and the area of the former Italian Concession.  Already partially exhibited in the Shanghai Metro in 2022, “UNESCO Italy. Photographs” is comprised of 58 panels – one for each UNESCO World Heritage Site in Italy – featuring photographs taken by the most interesting authors in the Italian photography scene.

In addition to the stunning beauty of the monuments and landscapes, the collection also showcases the vision of the photographers: Olivo Barbieri, Fabio Barile, Gabriele Basilico, Gianni Berengo Gardin, Luca Campigotto, Marina Caneve, Vincenzo Castella, Dario Coletti, Paola De Pietri, Vittore Fossati, William Guerrieri, Guido Guidi, Mimmo Jodice, Giuseppe Leone, Raffaela Mariniello, Allegra Martin, Domingo Milella, Luciano Romano, Massimo Siragusa. The exhibition is curated by the Italian Ministry of Culture.

“This is an important initiative that not only showcases the beauty and cultural richness of the entire peninsula and the creativity of our photographers, but also re-launches the promotion of Italy as a tourist destination in the megalopolis of Tianjin”, said the Italian Ambassador in Beijing, Massimo Ambrosetti. 

The exhibition, commented the Director of the Italian Cultural Institute, Federico Roberto Antonelli, “aims to pave the way, by involving as wide an audience as possible, for the tour to China of the extensive photographic exhibition “UNESCO Italy. Photographs”, currently being held in the United States, which updates the historic exhibition of Italian UNESCO sites, produced by the ICCD and the UNESCO Office of the Italian Ministry of Culture (MiC) and set up in the foreign offices by the Directorate General for Public and Cultural Diplomacy of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation”.  The exhibition in the Tianjin underground station will be open during all of China’s “mid-autumn” and National Day festivities until 27 October.


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