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Modulo di richiesta informazioni

(Information request form)

(Reference Office: D.G.IT. – DESK IV)

Italian citizens traveling to the European Union’s Member States, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein and Paesi con cui sono state stipulate apposite convenzioni (countries with which special agreements have been signed), may benefit from direct healthcare by exhibiting the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or the documentation required by individual agreements.

Italian citizens traveling to countries where no bilateral healthcare agreements are in force are advised to take out an insurance policy before traveling.

Citizens serving abroad, who hold an employment contract under Italian law,  may apply for reimbursement of expenses for the healthcare services received. More information on the groups of people concerned and the procedure for reimbursement can be found on the sito internet del Ministero della Salute (Health Ministry’s website).

Highly specialized healthcare services abroad are paid by the National Health Service (NHS), on an exceptional basis, for services that cannot be obtained in Italy in a timely or adequate manner. These services shall be authorized in advance by the relevant Local Health Unit (ASL). For more information, see the sito internet del Ministero della Salute (the Health Ministry’s website).

Citizens permanently residing abroad and registered with AIRE, who temporarily return to Italy, shall pay regional rates and fees for all healthcare services, including emergencies. However, in the case of Italian citizens registered with AIRE, holders of pensions provided by Italian social security institutions or Italian emigrants (born in Italy), urgent hospital services are provided free of charge for a maximum period of 90 days per calendar year, if they have no insurance coverage of their own. In order to obtain urgent hospital services, a declaration in lieu of affidavit shall be signed stating – in addition to their emigrant status (certified by date, place of birth in Italy, residence abroad and Italian citizenship) – that they have no public or private health insurance coverage.

Italian citizens who transfer their residence to a State with which there is no agreement in force with Italy lose their right to healthcare paid for by the National Health Service and shall therefore make their own arrangements, according to the terms and conditions provided for by the country of destination.