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The General Council of Italians Abroad (C.G.I.E.), established by Law No. 368 of November 6, 1989 (last amended by Decree Law No.66 of April 24, 2014, converted with amendments by Law No. 89 of June 23, 2014) and governed by the implementing regulation set out in Presidential Decree No. 329 of September 14, 1998, is an advisory body to the Government and Parliament on major issues of interest to Italians abroad.

It derives its representative legitimacy from its direct election by the members of the Comites in the world and is an important step in the process of developing proactive participation in the country’s political life by Italian communities around the world. At the same time, it is the essential body for their permanent connection with Italy and its institutions.

The CGIE is chaired by the Minister for Foreign Affairs and, following the changes introduced by Law 89/2014, is composed of 63 councillors, 43 of whom represent Italian communities abroad and 20 are appointed by the government.

The representatives and experts listed in Article 6(1) of Law 368 of November 6, 1989 participate in the work of the CGIE, with speaking rights only. See here below Ministerial Decree No. 4111/1569 of June 23, 2022 appointing them.

The procedures for the renewal of the CGIE, which started with the election of territorial members on April 9-10, are being completed. See the list of the 43 territorial members here below (qui).