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Event Management and Studies Office

The Office, acting within the scope of its study and planning functions, is responsible for a series of publications that analyse the main trends involved in international developments. The publications include the “Arco del cambiamento”, a bimonthly selection of articles and studies on the ongoing changes in the Middle East and North Africa produced by leading Italian and foreign research institutes and organised by both major issues/crisis areas and by country – Approfondimenti, a bimonthly selection of significant reports/analyses published by the most prominent Italian and foreign think tanks – Prospettive  – a non-periodic volume published to mark important international happenings/events or occasions/anniversaries. It provides a few introductory pages  followed by abstracts of articles and analyses regarding a scientific debate about a given issue that was most topical in previous months – and Verbatim 2.0, a monthly selection of speeches and interviews on foreign policies by Heads of State and/or Governments and Foreign Ministers, accompanied by a  review of contributions and in-depth analyses published by the main national and foreign think tanks and newspapers.

The Office also curates the scientific content and the setting-up of historical – documentary exhibitions to promote the archival and bibliographic heritage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Ministry in conjunction with Italian and foreign, public and private research entities and institutions. Thanks to the  technical support of the Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato, the Officce promotes the digitalisation of the exhibitions it organizes, with a view to making them accessible on the “Foreign Policy and History” portal.

Head of Section Ms Federica Onelli

tel. 06 36913233

Analyses and studies, relations with research centres in the area of international relations


Dott. Carlo Guglielmo Vitale

Dott. Daniele Adornato

Dott. Giorgio Cammareri

Dott.ssa Chiara Luti