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Scadenza Numero Paese Titolo
18-06-2024 MD 23 NDICI FI 01 24 (MD/40) MOLDOVA Strengthening the institutional capacities of the Competition Council to enforce the competition and state aid policy in line with the EU best practices (EuropeAid/181549/DD/ACT/MD)
11-06-2024 MN 22 IPA JH 01 24 MONTENEGRO COMPLEMENTARY ASSISTANCE SBS / Integrated Border Management (EuropeAid/181158/DD/ACT/ME)
24-05-2024 PS 21 NDICI FI 01 24 PALESTINA Strengthening the Palestinian Monetary Authority and its role to support the stability, transparency, accountability and the digital transition of the financial sector in Palestine _ (EuropeAid/181150/DD/ACT/PS).
07-05-2024 UA 23 NDICI TE 01 24 UCRAINA Reforming Audiovisual Media Regulation in Ukraine in line with EU standards and international best practices (EuropeAid/180678/DD/ACT/UA)
03-05-2024 MN 21 IPA HE 01 24 TWL MONTENEGRO Strengthening the administrative capacity of the Institute for Medicines and Medical Devices of Montenegro regarding the requirements of the EU accession process (EUROPEAID/180627/DD/ACT/ME)
30-04-2024 UA 23 NDICI FI 01 24 UCRAINA Implementing Effective Supervision over Non-bank Financial Institutions (EuropeAid/180683/DD/ACT/UA)
29-04-2024 MK 22 IPA TR 01 24 MACEDONIA Supporting the inspection services for transportation of passengers and goods (EuropeAid/180872/DD/ACT/MK)
26-04-2024 DZ 21 NDICI OT 01 24 ALGERIA “Appui au développement de la recherche et de l’Innovation (IPTICAR)” / “Support for the Development of Research and Innovation (IPTICAR)” _ (Europeaid/180165/DD/ACT/DZ).
15-04-2024 KH 23 NDICI OT 01 24 CAMBOGIA Supporting Upper-Secondary (Grade 10, 11, 12) Technical Education Reforms in Cambodia_(EuropeAid/ 180096/DD/ACT/KH)
11-04-2024 MN 22 IPA FI 01 24 TWL MONTENEGRO Further enhancing the functioning of Montenegrin AFCOS system with the aim of efficient protection of EU financial interests (EUROPEAID/180623/DD/ACT/ME)