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Scadenza Numero Paese Titolo
12-02-2024 MA 22 NDICI EN 01 23 MAROCCO Appui au renforcement des capacités de l’Agence Nationale des Eux et Forets (ANEF) (EuropeAid/179978/ID/ACT/MA)
25-01-2024 MK 20 IPA EN 01 23 MACEDONIA Strengthening the capacities for enforcement of the environmental legislation _ (EuropeAid/ 179702 /ID/ACT/MK).
24-01-2024 GE 21 NDICI HE 01 23 GEORGIA Enhance National Disease Surveillance System in Georgia through Improvement of the Epidemiological and Molecular (Genomic) Surveillance (EuropeAid/179906/DD/ACT/GE)
24-01-2024 IL 20 ENI EC 01 23 TWL ISRAELE Fair environment for consumer product safety in Israel: improvement of market surveillance and adoption of self-regulation systems based on the best EU practices” (EuropeAid/179829/DD/ACT/IL)
17-01-2024 SR 21 IPA AG 01 23 TWL SERBIA Strengthen capacity related to quality of poultry in the Republic of Serbia _ (EuropeAid/179919/DD/ACT/RS)
10-01-2024 TZ 22 NDICI FI 01 23 TANZANIA Capacity Building for Capital Markets Development in Tanzania” (EuropeAid/178425/DD/ACT/TZ)
08-01-2024 GE 21 NDICI ST 01 23 GEORGIA Further Strengthening of the Georgian Statistical System (Europeaid/179487/DD/ACT/GE)
08-01-2024 MD 22 NDICI EN 23 (MD/38) MOLDOVA Twinning air quality and environment” (EuropeAid/179608/DD/ACT/MD)
28-11-2023 SR 21 IPA FI 01 23 TWL SERBIA Further strengthening the capacity of the Serbian Audit Authority (EuropeAid/179648/DD/ACT/RS)
21-11-2023 BA 20 IPA JH 01 23 BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA Strengthening capacities of the Agency for the Prevention of Corruption and Coordination of Fight Against Corruption (APIK)