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Directorate General for Political Affairs and Security

Director General
Pasquale Ferrara

Deputy Director General/Principal Director for Security
Alessandro Azzoni

Deputy Director General/Principal Director for the United Nations and Human Rights
Alessandra Molina

Deputy Director General/Principal Director for the Mediterranean and Middle East
Alfredo Conte

Chief of Staff
Vito Paganelli

Telephone (+39) 06 3691 2174
Fax (+39) 06 3691 4230


Office I – United Nations System

Office II – Human Rights, Humanitarian International Law and Human Safety and Security

Office III – Council of Europe, OSCE and International Democratic Systems Profiles

Office IV – Atlantic Alliance, Strategic Security and Political-Military Issues

Office V – Disarmament and Weapons Control, Non Proliferation, Office of the National Authority for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons 

Office VI – Transnational Threats and Integrated Strategies

Office VII – Multilateral Cooperation and Integration Processes in the Euro-Mediterranean Region

Office VIII – Near East

Office IX – Arabian Peninsula, Gulf and Afghanistan

Office X – Maghreb


North America Unit 

Russia, Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia Unit

Unit for the Upstream Phase of Sanctions Policies

Unit for Political Aspects of the G7-G20 Processes