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Youth and the city, call for innovative projects

In the context of promoting a global partnership of donor countries and developing countries, the Catalytic Fund, a World Bank Trust Fund, has launched the first Call for Proposals centred on youth, entitled “Youth and the City: Challenges of and Visions for Demographic Change” for innovative urban projects.

Local bodies, NGOs and Universities

The call has gone out to local bodies, NGOs and Universities with three main goals: to increase awareness of the role of young people in urban development, at a time when cities appear unprepared to improve the political and social role of youth; select and support innovative urban projects that have the younger portion of the population in mind; supply a flexible platform for development projects where learning networks can be developed and knowledge shared with a view to nourishing and developing urban best practices and a policy debate at a local, national and global level.

All necessary documentation can be found on the City Alliance website and the deadline for proposal submission is 30 April 2012.