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The world’s largest telescope

On 22 June the foreign ministry hosted the ESO (European Organisation for Astronomical Research) presentation of the project “European – Extremely Large Telescope (E-Elt)”

Industry Day

The event was organised by the Directorate General for Country Promotion in collaboration with the National Astrophysics Institute (INAF) within the context of Industry Day in Italy 2012, during which the ESO experts illustrated the opportunities for business and research bodies the project will generate.

40-metre diameter telescope

Classified by the EU as a priority scientific infrastructure project, the E-ELT envisages the construction over the next 10 years of a 40-metre diameter optical telescope – the largest in the world – that will generate significant opportunities in terms of scientific development and industrial opportunities for Italian firms interested in participating in its construction.

Italy, an active sustaining member of the ESO along with Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, the UK, Holland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland, has recently confirmed its full support for the project.

The project was introduced by Director General for Country Promotion of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Maurizio Melani, followed by speeches from ESO Deputy Director General Massimo Tarenghi and President of the National Astrophysical Institute Giovanni Bignami.

The event consisted of brief thematic presentations by ESO staff regarding specific aspects of the project, and 4 parallel work sessions with companies focused on: Engineering and Control, Opportunities in Civil Engineering and Mechanics, Instrumentation and the Tender System.

Participating firms were also given ample opportunity to present their company profiles and discuss their areas of expertise.

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