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‘Datagate’: Bonino in Parliament (Thursday 4 July) – Relations with the U.S. on matters of information management

“Relations with the U.S. on matters of information management” will be the topic of Minister Emma Bonino’s briefing, on behalf of the government, on Thursday 4 July before the joint constitutional, foreign and defence commissions of the Upper and Lower Houses of Parliament. In the margins of a Confindustria conference, and in an interview with Corriere della Sera, the Minister observed that “clarification “ from the United States on what has been labeled Datagate is “indispensable to maintaining mutual trust. The U.S., Europe and Italy share a spirit of collaboration and friendship”.

No stop to EU-US free-trade talks

Bonino also expressed her disagreement with suspending the EU-US free-trade negotiations. “I hope that the free-trade negotiations have not been placed at risk”. The minister underscored that an EU-US agreement would carry “a price tag and I hope that every European county is ready and willing to make compromises”. In any case, even those who “spoke in more threatening tones” about Datagate are convinced of the importance of not suspending the free-trade talks.

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