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Berlin – Vinicio Capossela presents “Il paese dei Coppoloni”

As part of the 15th Italian Language in the World Week, whose theme was “The Italian of Music, the Music of Italian”, Vinicio Capossela presented his latest book, “Il paese dei Coppoloni”, finalist for the 2015 Strega Award. The presentation was made at the Italian Cultural Institute of Berlin, and followed the writer-musician-actor-songwriter’s Berlin performance of “Qu´ART de Siècle”. 

The artist was born in Germany of Italian parents from the Campania region. His poetry owes much to 20th century experimentation, which echoes throughout visionary works that are always marked by a personal style that reaches across disciplines and registers.

After starting out in music – wining the prestigious Targa Tenco award no less than four times – Capossela began to try his hand at writing, coming out with his first, surreal novel, “Non si muore tutte le mattine”, in 2004. “Il paese dei Coppoloni”, set in a pastoral and mythological and somewhat magical Irpinia, is a journey thorough the sounds, places and characters that restore a voice and  dignity to the language of oral tradition with the style and strength of the author himself.