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London – “Just Arrived” to resume on February 3

“Just Arrived”, a project targeted on Italian youth recently settled in England and Wales, will be resumed on February 3. The meeting will take place in the Italian Consulate General in London and will be attended by Italian experts who live and work in London and who will offer precious advice on how to write a Curriculum, find a job and find out about the rights of employed and self-employed workers. In this first meeting of 2016, the habitual team of lecturers will also feature a real-estate expert, who will be speaking in a special session devoted to finding a house in London, which is a real challenge for anyone who has just moved to the British capital. The initiative, which was launched upon the initiative of Italian Ambassador to Britain, Pasquale Terracciano, intends to provide general information and guidance to Italians who have recently migrated to England and Wales through thematic seminars held in the Consulate.

The monthly meetings focus on specific topics: legal, taxes, health care, academic

The one-hour meetings are held once a month and focus on specific topics: legal, taxes, health care and academic. Young Italians will be given the opportunity to meet Italian experts in the different sectors, who will give them information and guidance and report on the experience they acquired in their sector of activity in England and Wales. Consulate officials will also be available to provide information on consular services. The project is dedicated to Joele Leotta, the young Italian who was murdered in Kent on 20 October 2013, and is complemented with a Guidance Handbook published by the Italian Consulate General in London. The project is based on the concept that a growing number of Italian youth move to England and Wales, and especially to London, in order to acquire a professional working experience and improve their language skills or to find a job opportunity. These young people often arrive in this Country without adequate knowledge of the local conditions and sometimes also without sufficiently knowing the language. At the same time, they might find it difficult to grapple with the enormous amount of not always reliable information found on the Internet and fall prey of swindlers and frauds. There is also a fair number of qualified young people who want to upgrade their academic training and who are nonetheless unprepared to face the world of labour and research in Britain. 

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