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Strasbourg – On show Italian posters from when graphic design was a public service

The exhibition that will open on Monday, Jan. 25, at the Italian Cultural Institute (IIC) in Strasbourg is entitled: “Useful Graphic Design. Italy’s public service posters”. The show, displaying the posters of public interest produced by the institutions and local agencies of the different Italian Regions in the period from 1975 to 1990, is curated by Professor Luciano Cheles, from the University of Grenoble. The environment, health, peace, culture and civic life are the themes of the extraordinary aesthetically original posters created by local graphic designers personally committed to the different causes, offering an amazing illustration of the events, interests and aspirations of Italy during those years. The opening ceremony of the exhibition, which will run to Feb. 26, will be enriched by the following lectures in French: “Design et qualité de vie. Les affiches d’utilité publique en Italie” by Professor Cheles and “L’évolution de l’échiquier politique italien 1975-2015” by Professor Joseph Cadeddu, from the University of Lorraine.

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