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Islamabad – ICoN student Patrizia Anastasio works at the Embassy

Patrizia Anastasio is enrolled in the Master’s course in translation offered by ICoN – Italian Culture on the Net – while working for the Italian Embassy in Pakistan. ICoN is a consortium of 19 Italian universities that aims to promote and disseminate the Italian language and culture in the world through e-learning initiatives and technologies. Patrizia presently serves as administrative recorder of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation at the Italian Embassy in Islamabad. Her education was international from the very beginning and after having studied in Germany, Patrizia served in Argentina, Slovakia and Costa Rica. Her CV also contains short missions in Russia and Belarus. Her education was crowned with a three-year university degree from ICoN, where she is now enrolled in a Master’s course. Ms Anastasio explained why she chose the course: “I received a message from the ICON Consortium after they signed a convention with the Foreign Ministry. At that time it was impossible for me to study but I never abandoned the plan to do so at the first chance. The adventure of taking a Master’s course was mainly due to my choice of career. I felt the need to remain anchored to Italy, to speak and write Italian and not to forget what I knew. If this experience ends successfully, so much the better! I study during the weekends.” Then, turning to her experiences abroad, she said: “The country that is most tied to ours is Argentina. The ties with Germany are different, they are often constituted by first-generation immigrants, Italians just like me. In Argentina instead they are third or fourth-generation immigrants with an incredibly strong Italian imprint.”

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