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Farnesina publishes public notices for IIC directors of “reputed competence”

Changes are about to take place at the helm ​of two Italian Cultural Institutes (IICs). They require a good knowledge of the target country, especially in terms of a “locally established network of relations”. The Italian Cultural Institutes in Tokyo and Beijing are seeking directors of “reputed competence”. To this end, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has published public recruitment notices. The appointment is for a “two-year term, renewable once for another two years”. As indicated in the notice, an IIC director is asked to “maintain relations with the cultural institutions and influential people of the host country,” and to “develop the cultural activities of the Institute,” whose services and activities he/she will plan and coordinate. Italian citizens aged 30-65 are eligible for the position, provided they are capable of fulfilling a number of requirements such as possessing a “high cultural prestige”, and “having established competence in terms of conceiving, organising and managing an all-round cultural activity”. Applicants should also prove “they are capable of managing human and financial resources.” The above notices expire on 12 August, 2016. The Farnesina points out that the announcement for a position as a director of “reputed competence” of an Italian Cultural Institute cannot be compared to a State competitive examination, either in terms of procedures or in selection methods.

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