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The Italian Cultural Institute in Edinburgh screens Influx by Luca Vullo

The Italian Cultural Institute in Edinburgh will screen ‘Influx’, a documentary produced and directed by Luca Vullo on Italian immigration to London. “The British capital has never attracted so many Italians as in the last few years. In a period in which immigration in Europe is always the focus of political debate, especially after the controversial outcome of the Brexit referendum, Influx offers an emotional self-analysis that reveals the strengths and weaknesses of Italians, disclosing the uniqueness of their mentality and their contradictions,” said the director of the documentary.  

The survey focuses on “new” and “old” Italians in London, a multi-faceted kaleidoscope of voices and faces that express rage, fear, self-satisfaction, frustration, redemption and success of those who have left Italy to settle in London. The screening is scheduled for Tuesday, 14 February, and will be followed by a debate with director Vallo.

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