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Italy’s Economic Diplomacy, 25 March: latest news from the world

Jordan: Amman hosts a workshop on renewable energy sources with the Italian Embassy and ICE

The present situation and the future perspective of the energy market, with a special attention on the transition to renewables, were the focus of the workshop entitled ”Accelerating the renewable energy transition in Jordan” organised by ”Res4Med and Africa” in cooperation with the Italian Embassy in Amman and the local office of ICE Agency.

The Workshop highlighted how Jordan ranks among the Countries most involved in disseminating the use of renewable energy sources, in the light of the urgency of diversifying available sources, as approximately 95% of the national energy needs are covered through imports. At present, the incidence of renewables on total production amounts to 7% although Government plans aim to reach a double-digit figure over the next 3 years. At the end of 2018, the total power production capacity from renewables amounted to 1.090 MW.

Despite the progress made, the functionality of the electricity grid remains one of Jordan’s largest challenges. The Workshop presented the ”position paper” drafted by ”Res4Med”. The document makes a favourable evaluation of Jordan’s regulatory framework, the incentives adopted by Amman (mainly aimed at offering tax relief and reducing network connection costs) and the provision of reliable and competitive bank financing channels, both national and foreign, in the Country’s framework of stability within the regional context.

In exploring the opportunities deriving from a legislative and regulatory framework, which is well on its way to being completed, Jordan reaffirmed its interest in tightening cooperation with Italian industrial and technical partners. Jordan has the potential to become an exporter of solar and wind power; foreign investments in Jordan plants would aim to increase the sector’s operating capacity to better explore renewable energy sources and strengthen the distribution network and the storage capacity.

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