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Liberation of Sirte: decisive turning point in the fight against Daesh and a new phase towards the stabilization of Libya

The liberation of Sirte by the forces of the Presidential Council of the Government of National Accord (GNA) marks a decisive turning point in the fight against Daesh and a new phase in Libya’s difficult stabilization process. Italy continues to stand by Libyan institutions in the fight against terrorism. Italy’s humanitarian assistance, providing medical treatment to wounded fighters and repeatedly shipping emergency health supplies, are tangible proof of the continuous support that Italy offers to its friends, the Libyan people.

The victory over Daesh in Sirte must be viewed as a source of encouragement to consolidate stability and security in the Country, also through the training of security forces which are placed under a single chain of command with the oversight of civilian authorities. The deployment of the first units of the Presidential Guard in Tripoli will further strengthen the presence and role of legitimate institutions operating in the field of security. Italy, together with the international community and the United Nations, will continue to support the Presidential Council of the Government of National Accord (GNA) to assure the success of the initiative.

As regards today’s news about new clashes in the area of the Libyan oil crescent, it is essential that the forces on the ground work together and report to the GNA Presidential Council. Oil resources belong to the Libyan people. The National Oil Corporation (NOC) is the only body entitled to manage them under the political leadership of the GNA Presidential Council and in close cooperation with the Central bank of Libya. The independence, unity and neutrality of the NOC must be protected against vested interests and personal rivalries. The Country’s economic development and wellbeing will depend on the good functioning of national institutions in the energy sector and on their ability to operate unconstrained and without conditioning. Italy sincerely hopes that cooperation between the political authority and the national financial institutions will grow stronger in order to promptly improve the living conditions of the people of Libya.


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