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Libya: Italy is committed to improving humanitarian conditions in reception centres

Italy has raised the question of humanitarian conditions in Libyan reception centres since the very beginning and in all fora. Italy has acted in agreement with the European Union and has also urged U.N. agencies to operate and work in this direction.We have been calling for several months on all those involved to enhance their commitment and efforts in Libya to ensure acceptable and dignified conditions for the people in reception centres. To this end, Italy has been supporting, also financially, the UNHCR and IOM initiative in Libya, although Libya has not yet ratified the Geneva Convention.Now it is essential that we go from being aware of the issue and reporting it, to effective and rapid action. This is indispensable to protect the rights and dignity of the people, combining it with the fight against illegal trafficking in human beings. This is an issue that sees Europe ever more engaged in the front line.

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