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Vignali in France and Germany to assure the vote of Italians abroad

The Director General for Italians Abroad, Luigi Maria Vignali, is on a diplomatic mission to France and Germany to visit the Consulates General in Marseilles, Nice, Stuttgart and Frankfurt in view of the complex preparation of the overseas voting operations for the upcoming elections of the European Parliament, in which many diplomatic and consular offices are strongly engaged in order to assure efficient and transparent procedures.  

The Director General recalled that Italians abroad are growingly numerous, also as a consequence of the phenomena connected to the “new mobility” of Italians; consequently, the consular network intends to intercept their expectations and interpret their needs, which are increasingly differentiated, by also introducing innovative digitalised processes in the delivery of their principal services. The Foreign Ministry is fully aware that, in many cases, consular services represent the effective first point of contact between the Public Administration and the communities abroad. “This is why,” said Vignali, “I chose to perform this mission in places that are emblematic, where the resident Italian communities are very numerous and therefore their voting processes are more complex. The goal of the mission is to support the personnel of the Consulates, thus confirming the great importance that the Foreign Ministry attributes to the work performed by our Offices.”

During the mission, which will conclude tomorrow, the Director General will have the opportunity to meet with the representatives of the COMITES operating in the four consular districts and with the representatives of the Italian resident communities.