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Notice of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Libya; Sereni chairs Cooperation meeitng

Today Vice Minister Marina Sereni chaired a video meeting with many Territorial Authorities, Universities and Civil Society Organisations operating in Libya. The primary aim of the meeting was to outline an overall picture of what the Italian Cooperation system is doing in this country through its various actors. It is crucial to bear in mind that this system represents an essential element of the Italian bilateral action towards Libya.

“It was a beneficial meeting,” Vice Minister Sereni said at the end of the meeting. She added: “As emphasised by many speeches, the Libyan situation faces a phase of considerable change in terms of politics and security, although many problems remain. In this scenario, the tools, resources and expertise of the Italian cooperation can help accompany and strengthen the positive process underway. The challenge now is to go beyond the emergency, which remains, by identifying other sectors and areas of intervention, looking at all regions of the country”.

Of course,” said Sereni, “we must always keep in mind the emergencies affecting Libya, from Covid to migrants in transit.  Now, however, it is necessary and feasible to increasingly focus on projects that concern development, the creation of job opportunities, the strengthening of local institutional capacities, training, and the creation of basic services for citizens, building on the experiences that have been illustrated to us today, starting with the very fruitful and interesting ones of CSOs, local authorities, regions and autonomous provinces, and universities”.

The initiative will be reiterated to create a constant dialogue with all the cooperation actors involved in Libya and support the Italian effort, as Sereni stressed, “for a country whose stabilisation is an absolute priority in our foreign policy agenda”

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