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Telephone conversation between the Deputy Prime Minister and and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Antonio Tajani, and the US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Hon. Antonio Tajani, had a telephone conversation with the US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken.

While confirming the primary importance Italy attaches to its relationship with the United States, Minister Tajani outlined the Italian G7 Presidency’s priorities and recalled that freedom of navigation in the Red Sea is a top priority for Italy.

Minister Tajani reaffirmed the need to work for a diplomatic solution in the Middle East and welcomed the adoption of the UN Resolution on humanitarian assistance to Gaza on 22 December. He also thanked the United States for its constructive stance and reaffirmed the centrality of UN cooperation in resolving the crisis. He said: “Italy remains committed to avoiding a regionalisation of the conflict and ensuring the delivery of humanitarian aid to the civilian population of Gaza. We are now following the latest developments in the Lebanon and the Red Sea with the utmost attention in order to prevent further crises from breaking out”.

He added: “The situation in Ukraine, the Middle East conflict and artificial intelligence are the Italian G7 Presidency’s priorities. I thanked my friend Antony for supporting our agenda, which is clear proof of how strong the transatlantic bond is”.

He said: “The deep friendship that binds Italy and the United States will enable us to converge with the other G7 partners on concrete actions that will benefit everyone”.

Minister Tajani also expressed to Secretary of State Blinken his satisfaction with the excellent bilateral coordination within NATO, Quint and the G7 on the definition of security commitments towards Ukraine. He stated: “Italy and the United States are working together for a just and lasting peace. Ukraine can count on our support. We will also reaffirm this, together with the G7 partners.”

He underlined that “the stability, security and prosperity of the Mediterranean and the African continent are central to the agenda of Italy’s G7 Presidency” and recalled Italy’s commitment to the launch of the Mattei Plan and the government’s great attention to the issue of food security.

Deputy Prime Minister Tajani concluded: “Lastly, I confirmed to Secretary of State Blinken that the Italian G7 Presidency will look with great attention to the Indo-Pacific, a fast-growing region in which there is increasing competition.”