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“Palermo Mon Amour” photo exhibition in Madrid

Madrid, mostra fotografica “Palermo Mon Amour”
Madrid, mostra fotografica “Palermo Mon Amour”

The Italian Cultural Institute of Madrid is pleased to host in its exhibition spaces the “Palermo Mon Amour” exhibition, an unprecedented “plunge” into the history of a contradictory and imaginative city through the camera lens of exceptional authors: Enzo Sellerio, Letizia Battaglia, Franco Zecchin, Fabio Sgroi and Lia Pasqualino. For its Madrid stop, thanks to the collaboration of the Instituto Cervantes, the exhibition will also include some photographs by Begoña Zubero, taken during her long stay in Palermo in 2020.

Through the eyes of the five Italian photographers, the exhibition, curated by Valentina Greco, offers a glimpse of Palermo’s history from the 1950s to 1992 – from the gentle, playful, cultured and anti-rhetorical vision that characterised the 1950s and 1960s, to the fierce news events that marked its daily life until 1992 – exploring the poetic imagery of a city in continuous “deflagration” and not always recomposed in its complexity.

Taking a leap into the present, Begoña Zubero’s photographs tell the story of the urban space of contemporary Palermo, a testimony to the multicultural character of the city and the socio-political changes it underwent, seamlessly completing the portrait sketched by Sellerio, Battaglia, Zecchin, Sgroi and Pasqualino.

In a journey featuring over 60 images, Palermo mon amour constitutes a mosaic-portrait of a city in a constant state of exception, where photography, together with writing and theatre, have been and continue to be attentive observers and protagonists.

Palermo Mon Amour is a project by Fondazione Merz curated by Valentina Greco.

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