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Italian Cuisine Week: an Italian “Food Academy” in Kuwait

Settimana Cucina, in Kuwait una “Food Academy” italiana
Settimana Cucina, in Kuwait una “Food Academy” italiana

The Embassy of Italy in Kuwait has signed an initial agreement for the launch of a “Food Academy” that will organise Italian cookery classes and workshops, as well as specialised seminars on nutrition and on the characteristics of Italian agri-food products. It was one of the events for the Week of Italian Cuisine in the World, and ended with a reception at the residence of the Ambassador of Italy in Kuwait, Carlo Baldocci.

The dinner was organised by the oldest Italian restaurant in Kuwait, “Riccardo Restaurant”, led by its Executive Chef Simone Murru. The evening was also an opportunity to present the book “An Italian Food Journey, 50 iconic dishes and products of excellence” created by the Embassy of Italy in Kuwait in collaboration with ItaliaSquisita. It takes the reader on a journey through all of Italy in 50 recipes, dedicated by 50 chefs from each of the most recognised and appreciated locations that are visited. “This is a book” as Ambassador Baldocci explained “that is dedicated to those in Kuwait who love Italy. It is not only a book of recipes, but is also a ‘travel companion’ for your next visit from Kuwait to Italy”. The Week of Italian Cuisine was an opportunity to promote the food products of our country that are increasingly appreciated in Kuwait, and at the same time to promote and enhance the Mediterranean Diet as a model of healthy and sustainable diet and lifestyle.

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