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Brazil, Italian Embassy takes part in CINE BIKE Festival

Brasile, Italia presente al festival CINE BIKE
Brasile, Italia presente al festival CINE BIKE

The Italian Embassy in Brasilia will be present at the first edition of CINE BIKE, International Festival of Cinema and Urban Mobility, staged at the Cultural Centre Banco do Brasil, in the Brazilian capital, and open to the general public until 31 July. The event aims to foster more sustainable lifestyles, promoting bicycles as the main means of transport. Such an approach supports issues that are particularly important for the Italian Embassy, which has long been committed to optimising and promoting environment-friendly practices and preserving the environment.

The festival (whose slogan is “Think globally, act locally”) shall feature free-of-charge screenings of films, virtual exhibitions, workshops, debates, bicycle tours and several educational activities.

Italy will be present with two films in particular: “Ladri di Biciclette” (Bicycle thieves) by Vittorio De Sica (1948) – to be shown on Friday 22 July – and “Il mio segreto italiano” (My Italian secret), directed by Oren Jacoby (2014), to be screened on Saturday 23 July. De Sica’s film is a cult movie of Italian neorealism, one of the first feature films to win the Academy Award as best foreign film. “Il mio segreto italiano” is about the great cyclist Gino Bartali, who worked secretly with other Italians to save Jews and fugitives from the Nazis during World War II.

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