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Reacquisition of citizenship

  1. The provisions on the reacquisition of citizenship are contained in Article 13 of Law 91/92. It should be noted, in particular, that citizens, living abroad, who lost their citizenship, may reacquire it pursuant to paragraph 1, subparagraph c), by filing a specific declaration with the competent consular Office if they establish their residence in Italy within one year of the declaration;
  2. women who lost their Italian citizenship by marrying a foreign national before 1 January 1948, may reacquire it, even if they live abroad, by filing a specific declaration. In case of residence abroad, the declaration of reacquisition of citizenship shall be filed with the competent consular Office.

It shall be accompanied by the following documentation:

  • birth certificate issued by the Municipality in which said certificate is registered;
  • documents proving previous possession of Italian citizenship;
  • documents proving possession of foreign citizenship, or stateless status;
  • family status certificate or equivalent documents.