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Libya: Italy performs humanitarian action after January terrorist attack

Following the terrorist attack of last January 7 against the coast guard training centre of the city of Zliten, the Presidency Council for Libya asked the Italian Government to provide assistance in treating the people who were seriously injured. Italy therefore arranged for the humanitarian intervention which consisted in transporting 15 Libyan nationals from Misrata to Rome, where they were hospitalised at the Celio Army Polyclinic.

The wounded can subsequently be relocated to other specialised health care facilities in Italy. A C-130 aircraft departed at daybreak from the Pratica di Mare Airport and landed at Misrata Airport, where Italian military medical personnel boarded the wounded on the aircraft which then flew back to Italy.

The emergency intervention was performed with all the necessary precautions to assure the safety of the personnel deployed and was coordinated by the Prime Minister’s Office in conjunction with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministries of Defence, of the Interior and of Health and the competent Libyan authorities. 

The operation just concluded represents a tangible act of Italy’s solidarity and attention for the Libyan people in a particularly delicate phase of the Country’s stabilisation process.

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