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Syria: opposition unites against Assad – Italy’s political and economic support, says Terzi

“Italy intends to increase its political and economic support to the forces opposing the Assad regime”, asserted Minister Giulio Terzi as he congratulated the new alliance’s president Moaz Al Khateeb and vice president Riad Seif, in Doha along with various other Syrian opposition groups. The aims of the agreement include no “dialogue or negotiation with the regime, the formation of an interim government after international recognition has been received and the convening of a “national general congress once the regime collapses”; the “coalition” and the “interim government” are to be dissolved upon a coalition decision after the congress is held and a “transitional government” has been formed. The immediate objective, according to the opposition groups’ agreement, is to “work to bring about the collapse of the regime and of all its symbols and pilasters, to dismantle its security forces and prosecute all those implicated in crimes against the Syrian people”.

Significant step forward

Terzi hailed the “significant step made in Doha toward a political solution to the Syrian crisis as fruit of the capacity for leadership and hospitality of the Qatar authorities and, in particular, Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs Al Thani” saying that Italy now “intends to encourage the international community’s greater commitment at the level of humanitarian aid and economic assistance to the Syrian opposition”.

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