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Egypt: Foreign Minister Emma Bonino in Brussels for extraordinary meeting of Foreign Affairs Council

Sanctions against the Egyptian Government? “It depends what you’re referring to. I hope to see military supplies being blocked. I don’t think economic sanctions are what will make the difference. All the programmes we have, apart from government-to-government programmes, are for social purposes more than anything else. It seems to me that in terms of volume they don’t have that much influence”. These were Foreign Minister Emma Bonino’s comments on her arrival in Brussels for the EU Foreign Affairs Council extraordinary meeting on Egypt.

Clash within the Sunni family

“I think there’s a vital need to review what’s happening in the Arab world and reconsider our position not just on Egypt. Because what’s happening, in my opinion, is a major clash within the Sunni ‘family’ – in addition to the traditional Sunni-Shiite discord and with implications that must at least be considered. This isn’t an Italy-Egypt or EU-Egypt problem. It’s much more. The balance of strength has been completely transformed”, added Minister Bonino

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