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Italian Economic Diplomacy 23 September: latest news from the world

Colombia: new law on electric mobility

The President of the Republic Duque, in conjunction with the Ministers of Transport, Energy and the Environment, presented the national strategy for electric and sustainable mobility, which will be instrumental in reducing, starting already from the next two years, two of the major problems that characterize all the main Colombian cities: high pollution levels and heavy traffic.
With this law, the Government sets itself the ambitious goal of reaching a nationwide fleet of 600,000 electric vehicles (including public and private vehicles) by 2030, thanks to a series of benefits for which both private individuals and companies are eligible. The most important incentive is the elimination for electric vehicles of the so-called “Pico y Placa”, the restriction on transit whereby at the present time cars are allowed to circulate only on alternate days. Furthermore, the purchase tax is reduced to 1%, the cost of technical-mechanical overhauls is also reduced and there is a 10% discount on mandatory insurance. Customs duties on imports will also be eliminated for companies that purchase electric vehicles for public transport.
The Minister for Energy Suarez pointed out that in order for this strategy to be properly implemented, it is essential for the Country to unfailingly meet the energy demand that is required, especially through the exploitation of natural sources. All this shows that there is an ever stronger commitment by Colombia to promote renewable energy projects in the wake of what has been achieved in recent years, with the aim of generating 20% ​​of the nation’s demand for electric power through solar and wind energy sources by 2030.