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Libya: Mogherini urges immediate UN initiative, international community must not look away. Italy to maintain front line role

Italy has decided to help Libya to come out of a transitional phase that still shows signs of fragility and danger, but it is from the United Nations that a strong initiative must be forthcoming, and one that involves the entire international community”. The call came from Minister for Foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini after the latest alarming news of new clashes in Tripoli. “Italy is determined to continue to play a front line role in helping Libya through this difficult transition and to create inclusive and democratic institutions”, she said.

“Nevertheless, for the efforts of Italy and the international community to be successful, all parties must accept the rules of democratic encounter, and once and for all abandon the use of arms and violence, which only fuels chaos and punishes the Libyan people. The future of Libya can only be decided by Libyans through political dialogue that includes all components”. “The elections for the Constitutional Assembly and the Council of Representatives are an important foundation on which we are hoping it will be possible to build”, she underscored.

“We are also counting on what the United Nations can do, along with Italy and the countries most concerned with the outcome in Libya, to give immediate political impetus and support to the country’s stabilisation and reconstruction. Too many times these crises have been ignored, with transitions not receiving adequate support after the collapse of the regimes, and we are still paying the price for that”.