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Deputy Minister Del Re opens a conference on “Migration, reception, inclusion, co-development – The role of Med-African diasporas”at the Chamber of Deputies

Deputy Foreign Minister Del Re opened a conference entitled “Migration, reception, inclusion, co-development – The role of Med-African diasporas”, which was held at the Chamber of Deputies on 14 March last.
Organized by CIPMO, Centro Italiano per la pace in Medio Oriente, in  partnership with Confronti, a study centre and magazine, the event was attended, among others, by Janiki Cingoli, CIPMO director, and Claudio Paravati, Confronti Editor-in-chief. Representatives of diaspora associations spoke about their needs and reported on their experiences in the field soliciting the representatives of national and local institutions to respond to their requests. The need to promote communication patterns and establish contact points between different local and national institutions was also highlighted considering that sometimes their initiatives proceed in parallel.
When delivering her opening remarks, Deputy Minister Del Re said: ” Politicians must realize that there is an international irreversible trend which shows that the community we belong to is not necessarily our  community of residence. Diaspora communities and associations build bridges between their countries of origin and their countries of residence, promoting a smooth political, economic and social transition. Politics should see diaspora communities and their peculiar sense of belonging as a resource that can help us better understand our vast world.”  Deputy Minister Del Rio also said: “Diaspora is home. Diaspora communities are numerous and have become part of our world. We need to convey a positive message about them and contribute to developing a new narration in order to reach out to all of those who care little about knowing the facts and do not question their own views.” Deputy Minister Del Re  announced she will soon visit the Sahel countries.

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