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Visit by Vice Minister Del Re in sudan

Vice Minister Del Re is in Sudan for an institutional visit, the first of an exponent of the Italian Government since the dismissal of former President Bashir and the installation of the new transitional Government of Abdallah Hamdok. Today, the Deputy Minister had a series of meetings with the main State offices: Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok, Foreign Minister Asma Abdallah, Finance Minister Ibrahim Badawi, Health Minister Akram al-Tom.

During her meetings, the Vice Minister Del Re reaffirmed Italy’s support for a democratic and peaceful transition process, as well as Prime Minister Handok’s vision of economic and social progress in Sudan. The Vice Minister also expressed her appreciation for the Sudanese activism in foreign policy, in particular for the vital role it is playing in the stabilization of the Horn of Africa region.  

Vice Minister Del Re reiterated that Italy, too, will play its part, strengthened by a more than decennial presence of Development Cooperation at the side of the Sudanese people. In the multilateral field, Italy will enhance its advocacy within the Group of friends of Sudan to facilitate the removal of Sudan from the list of countries sponsoring terrorism. In contrast, in the bilateral field, we will soon start negotiations for the conclusion of a mutual framework agreement on development cooperation that will facilitate Italian interventions in support of the Sudanese people.

On the occasion of the meeting with the Minister of Health al-Tom, the Vice Minister announced the invitation to two Sudanese epidemiologists at the Spallanzani Institute to undergo training on how to identify the Coronavirus.

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